Adriana Bavaresco was born in Muggia (Trieste), where she lives and works. She has been playing a leading role in the artistic life in Italy and abroad for forty years. Her painting masters were Leo Spaventa Filippi and Giovanni Omiccioli. In Italy there were her exhibitions in a lot of cities: Trieste, Milano, Novara, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza, Lecco, Ferrara, Napoli, Roma, Paestum, Desenzano del Garda and Padova. She exhibited her paintings abroad too. We remember her exhibitions in the Art Galleries in Paris and in the Institute of Oceanography in Paris. There were her art exhibitions in Digione, Nizza, Linas-Parigi, Mézières-en-Brenne. In 2004 (during the Olympic games) she held an exhibition in the Italian Culture Institute in Athens. Greek newspapers took Adriana Bavaresco into great consideration. In 1978 she had the honour of being invited by the Pope John Paul II and in that occasion she gave him a painting depicting the monastery of “Norbertani” in Krakow as a present. In 2011 this artist held an exhibition in the Louvre Museum during the show of contemporary art. Several Italian and foreigners newspapers and tv channels mentioned her and were interested in her works, such as: Il Sole 24 Ore, Daily News, Daily American, the Gazette of Detroit, Yacht Digest, Sub, City Press of Athens, I Avhi, Ethnos, Eleytherotypia, Apoyematini, Greek Broadcasting, Rai-Radiotelevisione-Italiana, La Nouvelle République, Il Piccolo, La Prealpina, La Gazzetta di Ferrara, L’Arena. Her paintings are in the Vatican City State, in the Italian Ministry of the Internal Affairs, in the Italian Ministry of Commercial Affairs, in the Garbatella Educational Organization and in the Filippo Del Ponte Hospital.