Reflections on the old world
of Fabio Astone

Adriana Bavarescoís paintings, full with nuances and colours, lead Art in a context crossing the matter for reaching a dimension where time and space can have a different meaning. This so conceived reality attracts those who in front of the painting live emotions of a world in which the context seem to assume an aspect avoiding any rules. The passionate and sweet brushstroke of the artist is linked to fantasy and in its characteristic natural landscapes itís possible to see the flow of streams giving life to imaginary seabeds. At the same time the simple seabed shows a different identity changing in a landscape where wind gives sweetly shape to colours and the iridescent vegetation lives the rhythmic thrill imposed by creativity. The main and decisive source of her art is the ancient world and itís intuitable since the first point of contact with the creations of the painter: classical friezes, columns and vases are wonderfully inserted in a suffused context made of by vague light and delicate chromatism. Wonderful sculptural works of the ancient art emerge; these masterpieces that stonecutters had made immovable through the rigidity of stone, in Adriana Bavarescoís paintings give the impression of coming out from marble, of being embodied and becoming animated by means of meditated and fond brushstrokes of light and colour. In these paintings the underground and the subject seem to be fused, they lose the first distinction between the respective levels; at sudden reality reveals unexpected metaphysical profiles, realizing at the end an only set which shades off, with a grat ability of the painter, the chromatic narration developing on the painting. The works of the artist are sometimes livened up not only by ancient objects, but also by the presence of characters whose clothes, hairdressings and ornaments send back to the epic time of the myth and heroes. The clear and deep spirituality animating the painter is made concrete in works where the Cross shines brightly putting in the shade the colonnades of the ancient pagan temples. Surpassing difficulty of interpretating again and proposing so far-off arguments was the winning choice of the artist, who was able to permeate her subjects of fond sentimental reasons so that they can live again in the eternal time of art. For this painter the impossible is possible. She is inspired by a deep historical knowledge animating the suggestive narration of her paintings. Her technical ability, her magic play of light and colour, her geniality, her lucidity in execution, her classical culture, her boundless creativity are the aspects where her pictorial calligraphy emerges. The subtile appeal emitted by this art non only attracts the audience interested into painting, but also excites all those who approach these wonderful works. We can tell Adriana Bavaresco, with her fantastic creations, is able to realize all that is conceivable only in dreams. Looking at the world through her eyes, itís possible to live again the ancient, lost world of heroes, surpassed by the light of a new faith.